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New Items:
Pearly Flat and Firm Champion Firebirds
Prototype Champion Edition TeeBird

EZ Flying Back Pack Bag,
Las Vegas GCC Fund Raisers, and
Tacker Signs

Paul McBeth Champion Thunderbird,
30th Anniversary Aviar, Christmas Discs,
Zip and Pull Over Hoodies

Two-Color Air Force Logo Discs

Test colored Glow Champion Destroyers
XG (eXtra Grippy) Glow Champion Destroyer,
Glow Champion T3 TeeBird and
Glow Champion Thunderbird

First Run and Prototype GStar Daedalus

Check out our eBay auctions:

Marble Mini Markers

First Release GStar Destroyer and TeeBirds

Run Information

Test Run Tern X Run Information

We have added some old school collectible factory seconds.
11x KC Pro Aviar, Final run CE TL, 2006 Augusta Wraith,
CE Stingray and Beadless Gators.

One of the original test Rocs is available
Test Gummy Champion Rocs

First production run Shield stamp Discmania PD-S line

Check out our package deals with putters
added to the Discatcher baskets.

Looking for that hard to find original Champion Edition disc? Maybe an Orignal Eagle or Patent Pending Avair or Aero. We have Frisbie's Pie tins, Plutto Platters, Midnight Flyers, early DGA discs and almost all the early Innova golf discs. Send us an email if you are looking for something specific and we can let you know what weight and color we have.

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